HTH  started in 2006 by Victoria Lyon,  who,  using her contacts in the UK, was able to find places with Greyhound Rescues,  for a number of Greyhounds and Lurchers that found themselves with no future,  here in Ireland.

Initially,  Victoria worked with regional rescues such as North West SPCA and Madra Dog Rescue.  Inevitably Victoria found herself in the situation of having to fund dogs who found their way to her outside of the umbrella of a recognised rescue.  This started the association with Shoemaker Kennels and the untiring support of Liz and family at Shoemaker.

Why Greyhounds and Lurchers?

Predominately as they are the dog of choice for Victoria.  However,  whilst it is recognized that Ireland has a major problem with Dog Welfare and an unsustainable stray dog problem,  Greyhounds have a particularly hard time of it,  being produced in their 1000’s for the Racing Industry,  with a large percentage being disposed of before 2yrs old.   Inevitably this results too in a major population problem with lurchers, (Greyhound cross breeds.)

What role does HTH play? 

A large percentage of the stray dog population in Ireland, that isn’t destroyed in the pounds,  has to be transported to the UK or other Northern European countries,  where responsible dog ownership has been in place for some time and with a much reduced  stray dog population.
However,  many mixed breed rescues are reluctant to take too many Greyhounds.  In addition,  it is generally accepted that it is better to rehome specific breeds through those groups who know and understand the traits of that breed and so can home each dog in the right home for dog and home.

Since 2006,  HTH  has placed or rehomed over 270 dogs to date.  These dogs have travelled to the UK to be rehomed by groups such as Greyhound Rescue West of England and Erin Hounds.
These dogs will be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped prior to rehoming,  and will only be rehomed to homes that have been homechecked and meet strict criteria,  with contact maintained after the homing.

So what is the money going towards?

As HTH  has grown,  the demands on the project are constantly stretching and we are being asked to help more and more dogs,  particularly Greyhounds from the racing industry.  These dogs have to be kennelled for as long as it takes to find a space in the UK,  they have to have their vaccinations,  any health issues dealt with,  bitches have to be spayed here in Ireland,  and a major burden is the cost of transport to the UK.  A bitch will cost upwards of €400 before she gets to the UK

Why do the dogs have to go to the UK?

Simply because far too many are bred for there ever to be the possibility of finding quality pet homes for them in Ireland.

Don’t Breed or Buy while Stray Dogs Die

Why Greyhounds Make Great Pets

Halfway There Hounds:

All rescued Sighthounds to date

Badly abused greyhounds & lurchers

Erin Hounds has been set up in the Cheshire area to help a few of the many abandoned and neglected sighthounds that fall on hard times in Ireland.