Cats can now receive VIP treatment thanks to 20 brand new spacious apartments, six of them large enough for a family of two or three cats or cats on a long stay. Each one has a split level so the cats can exercise and sleep away from their litter tray; they also contain a bed, cushion, scratch post, and toys to help keep them entertained.

Special music produced for “animal healing and relaxation” is played from early morning until dusk throughout the kennels and cattery – and it really does seem to settle the cats.

Cats are fed each morning on dry food and meat, unless otherwise advised. Special diets can be catered for and this can be advised at the time of booking. Fresh water is available at all times and monitored regularly.
We have no problem administering medication as long as it is clearly labeled.

Our apartments are cleaned every morning and evening and thoroughly disinfected after each cat leaves.

With our new set up, the cats can have a wander round while we are cleaning them out, without the risk of them escaping, giving them a bit of exercise.

Vet on call.

Cats must be up to date with their annual vaccinations. Vaccination certificates must be seen! If you are unsure please contact your vet.